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Nister Team Football


For Coaches, Managers, and the whole Staff of Main teams and Youth teams.
Mister Team Football facilitates and supports the management of football clubs and single teams. Trainings, leagues, friendly matches, and information about players and staff are immediately available for coach and manager to make the best decisions.
You can immediately communicate with the person or group of people of your choice. The whole staff will benefit from Mister Team Football.
Our target is to help you realyzing YOUR IDEA OF FOOTBALL and to develop the POTENTIAL OF YOUR YOUNG PLAYERS growing them in your principles.
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Both versions need ANDROID version 4.0.3 or higher. Supported languages: english and italian
Mister Text Football versione PRO

PRO Version

Complete of all functionalities and with no ads.

Buy at 2.45 euro + tax

Mister Text Football versione FREE

FREE Version

Free version with ads and limited functionalities.

This version is for players, parents and friends of Club and, of course, for trial!

To upgrade to the PRO version you need to remove the FREE version, and vice versa.

We propose meetings and seminars for managers, coaches and staff to help you quickly get started.



Simplified Communications

You can easily send messages and communications to managers, coaches, players, parents and all staff.

You can select recipients in few clicks. A recipient has no phone number? The app will warn you.


You can manage one or more leagues for every category.

You can manage separately or not autumn and spring stages of firsts categories. You can switch the view from a league to another in just one click.


Review your trainings and increase their effectiveness.

Select players with absences and lates, coaches, training goals, and tasks. Write your notes. Plan your trainings in micro-cycles, meso-cycles, and/or macro-cycles.

Function restricted in the FREE version.

Preconfigured Data Packages

At your disposal you will find the most common roles, categories, league types, and training goals.

Available packages: "International" and "Italy". In addition you can edit existing items, or add new ones to suit your needs.

Single Matches

Check and plan the list, the information, and the notes on friendly matches played in the football season.

Player, Coach and Manager Cards

At your disposal the information sheets from which to get information and contacts.

Training statistics are also included.

General and Detailed View

Categories, managers, and all staff in the Club are immediately available.

You can choice the most interesting categories with a click.

MULTI-CLUB Management

You can manage a Club or more, keeping separate information.

The transition from the management of a club to another is immediate.

History Management

You can select the active football season in a fast and easy way.
All the history can be kept on the device.

Preloaded data, such as players, coaches, managers, teams, and leagues, are ready for you to be used in new football seasons.


Print your TRAINING CARDS and the INFORMATION CARDS about players, managers, coaches/staff.

You can use the PRINTING LISTS action for players and Club members, selecting info to be included.

Feature only available in PRO version and for Android 4.4 or above.


Wide choice of themes in material-design is available.

You can add and customize your Clubs, roles, leagues, categories, goals, and opposing teams.

There are settings to control how categories are shown, to manage communications, and to modify the default length of training cycles.


No data will be sent to or stored on the Internet unless it is expressely sent from you.

You can easily and instantly share all or just some information with the other members of the Club or with other people. You just need an email address associated to each member.
Want to share a league? Ok! A single match? Ok! A training or the whole football season? Ok! All data stored? You can. The exported data will be saved locally on the device and you can send them via email.

Open the email received, click on the attachment, and the app will be opened ready to import the data in a click.